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TORRIVE provide a 18-month guarantee period starting from shipping date. The guarantee is limited only to material or construction faults. It is not applicable in the event of damages caused by mistakes concerning power connections, installation, improper use, or whenever the alternator is installed without using the utmost care.
The guarantee is not applicable if, once products have been checked, it is assessed that :

1) They were not properly stored, and were exposed to unfavourable climatic conditions;
2) They were illegally tampered with or serviced by unauthorized personnel;
3) They were not properly installed, were subject to overloading, or were used for purposes other than the ones for which they were designed;
4) They were damaged due to standard usage , or they did not undergo regular servicing.



Technical service and training

Technical support
we are always accessible and prepared to act promptly and effectively – applying our experience and know-how to best meet your needs. Our expertise and comprehensive customer service combined with our high performance products make TORRIVE a highly valued partner

Understanding your application and machines is the key to optimizing quality, efficiency and productivity. So, knowing how to handle our products properly greatly maximizes their effectiveness. In this regard, training is quite necessary.
Training can be customized for the specific needs of our clients and can be conducted at customer sites or TORRIVE’s factory which are equipped with demonstration tools that reproduce actual production conditions.

Become a Distributor

  • Do you want to become a TORRIVE distributor?           
    We are always looking to expand our network?and would be happy to give you more information about our products.                           
    Our distributors are our partners and they receive our full support:

  • A multilingual team to help you with marketing training and the after-sales service

  • Promotional tools

  • Products which are easy to install and use with an interface available in most languages

  • A support center to provide you with access to our support system 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Add the motor control products (frequency inverters and soft starters)?to your product catalog today!

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